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My Caracole AIDS Walk + 5K/10K Run Fundraising Page

Laurie Pike

Hey y'all! I have never, ever run (or walked) in any kind of race, so this is a first for me.
I was motivated to give it a try because I support Caracole's work.
I joined the Rock Island Realty team because I love the company's commitment to giving back (in so many ways).
If you can donate, even the smallest amount is greatly appreciated!
Every dollar I raise goes directly to Caracole to help people with HIV and AIDS.
And, like, Chuck Taylors are OK to run in, right?



raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

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2. PMPatrick Lehman & Adrian Milton
Fly Robin fly... Up into the sky!
3. MPMorse Pedersen
4. TCThomas Carver And Sean Cafferty
This from the Sean and Tom joint account. We both wish you the bests.
5. JJeff Drescher, James H, Sean Mourton
6. DRDoreen Rice
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