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My Caracole AIDS Walk + 5K/10K Run Fundraising Page

Jim Whittenburg

Once a year, I choose a running or fitness based charity event and ask my family and friends for donations. If you want to join the team and walk/run with me, that would be awesome too! I have teamed up with my employer, Rock Island Realty for this year's event.

This year, I have chosen Caracole. Founded in 1987, Caracole started as a small, non-medical hospice for people dying of AIDS. Today, while treatment and prevention are available, HIV transmission is once again approaching crisis levels in many communities, both urban and rural. This epidemic is a humanitarian and public health issue, but also an economic one, impacting the labor force and requiring significant health care costs.

Caracole works to end HIV/AIDS and to shape a world where hope prevails by providing:

Prevention: preventing the spread of HIV through community outreach, education, HIV/HCV testing, PrEP assistance, safer sex, safer injection and overdose prevention supplies, syringe services and treatment referrals.

Housing: offering a variety of permanent housing support to prevent homelessness and to stabilize individuals and families living with HIV.

Care: helping individuals living with HIV access the health care they need through medical case management and pharmacy services.

You can learn more by visiting


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